DVD Cover Final

So, after three years of studying wildlife & media at university and nearly a year in the making, here is my final production Cityfied, a documentary on urban appreciation in my glorious hometown of Bristol. Please watch, share and enjoy!

CITYFIED adj. – the characteristic of or adjusted to an urban environment.

Renowned for its vibrant selection of graffiti art and a hub for wildlife and media, the Southwest city of Bristol embraces a diverse range of people and cultures. Past the commonplace scenes of traffic jams, shopping malls and suburban neighbourhoods are graffiti artists, peregrine falcons, painters, badgers and the elusive red foxes. These elements are the characteristics of this urban environment and some of the key components that have shaped Bristol into a remarkable and inspirational city to live in.

Filmed and produced by James Ewing | Wild Times Media


7 responses to “CITYFIED MOVIE 2013

  1. Congratulations! Saw your teaser clips a while back, so pleased you’ve made Cityfied. I’ve seen a lot of films about street art and urban life, but yours really offers something fresh.

    • Thank you very much, glad you enjoyed it! By the way your write up about Cityfied on your blog totally captures the message I was hoping to portray, thanks again!

      • Thank you for your kind words – and for dropping by my blog. I’m excited about your film and its message, a pleasure to share it around…Can’t wait to see what you do next!

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  4. Hey there! Since you went to my lab to interview Lynne and Katy that I was curious to see the outcome of your project. I guess it’s not everyday you get this mix on street art and urban nature together rather than kind of in an antagonistic way. I really liked it and I think it capture a feeling about Bristol. At least for someone like me that came from abroad to Bristol it shows some of the stuff I enjoy in this city.
    You mention that other versions of it may come out. Any ideas about when?
    Well, congratulation on this and keep the good work!

    • Thank you Sergio, glad you enjoyed it!

      When the weather improves I’ll be going out with Lynne to film some macro footage of Bristol’s pollinators and add it to the film, not sure of when yet, whenever the sunshine is a bit more reliable!

      All the best,


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